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These drums are perfect. Perfect touch to finish my beats and inspire me to make more. They just sound good on everything! Every genre. Big up Nomadikh!

Love Love Love

Great inspo and love using these to write tunes


Loving this kit!!!

'COFFEE.' - Drum Kit
David Morales
Love this drum kit

Lot of good sounding drums to choose from, along with other sounds too

Awesome Stuff

i really loved the sounds was able to make a solid drum mix very quickly and just turn the volumes up correctly and the drums were sounding beautiful!!

Mpc drums

🔥🔥🔥 just what I needed

Great library!

Cool grooves, easy to apply. Great package

It’s Dope

Really Good, Another Level in ours prod.

Bravo! Job Well Done!

Man, this kit smacks hard! Look forward to future business!

Hardest drums I have

Your drum kits never cease to amaze me. These drums are just what I needed for my maschine plus. I have all the Maschine expansions but still go to your drums first when I'm creating Lava 🔥🔥🔥

thicc hits and chunky loops

these drums stand out against others, the dirty set comes with compression and natural thump on them that helps give it that stank you need without any effects added. they also include the clean version if you want to put the stank on it yourself. either way these slap and are guaranteed to give anyone in earshot the gasface

MPC DRUMS - Drum Kit

The sounds are top quality. They bring a very consistent and warm element to my beats with very little editing.

Trusted product

Picked this one up after Dusty Loops. Nomadikh delivers the heat!


It's dope

'COFFEE.' - Drum Kit
Musa Mahlangu


Brian Ng
Very cool mug

Big fan of Nomadikh beats, bought the merch and it is pretty dope design wise.

Very nice drums

MPC DRUMS - Drum Kit (Bundle)
kito Lamport-Varga
good quality

defiinitly fun little bundle to play around with, has solid sounds I find myself coming back to multiple times. Not a lot but good.

Faya drums absolutely

MPC DRUMS VOL. 2 - Drum Kit ($28 Bundle)

MPC DRUMS - Drum Kit (Bundle)
Eryk Dzierżanowski

Great quality drums


The drums are balanced, but I wish you got more stuff in the packs. They sound punchy on monitors, but on earphones you will need a lot more processing on them and underneath them. I will still be using them they sound really good for the genre I'm developing.

Mpc drums vol 2

Definitely got that knock I was looking for 💯
Shot G Meean🔥🔥🔥

Amazing sounds