About Me

I'm Nomadikh. My goal is to bring inspiration and innovation to music producers who want to make better music.

Now I know this isn't easy to do. Since I started making beats in 2008, I've always been looking for ways to bring a unique sound to the table. Ever since I got into sample-based music, I grew a huge liking to dusty records, old samplers, and ancient keyboards. Even though I knew the modern computer workflow was faster, I truly believed there was something special about these vintage instruments.

After teaching thousands of music producers how to use an Akai MPC 2000XL on YouTube, I wanted to use my knowledge about vintage gear to create something different. I wanted to create sounds that could easily be used by producers to sound more unique. I wanted to create drums and melodies that had the genuine feel of real analog instruments, without having to carry around massive machines, microphones, or guitar amps.

Without the burden of buying (and learning!) any of this analog gear, I wanted people to be able to experience these unique, inspirational sounds in the computer software! So they could take advantage of the computer's speed, while capturing a flavor that could only be created by these special instruments. Sure, a lot of software companies have developed digital emulations of these devices, but nothing beats the real thing. 😎



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