About Me

I'm Nomadikh. My goal is to bring inspiration and innovation to music producers who want to make better music.

Now I know this isn't easy to do. Since I started making beats in 2008, I've always been looking for ways to bring a unique sound to the table. I initially started creating music as a way to de-stress from school, but after building a deep relationship with hip hop and its production process, I decided that I wanted to master the art of making beats.

In an endless pursuit to create music for a living, I've taught myself a lot over the years, and I've always wanted to share those lessons with the community. I started a YouTube channel in 2011 to guide other producers in their music-making journey. After my tutorial series MPC School started gaining popularity, I decided to pivot into sample packs.

Ever since I got into sample-based music from the 90s, I grew a huge liking to dusty records, old samplers, and ancient keyboards. Even though it wasn't the most convenient, I truly believed there was something special about the feel of these instruments from the time period, and I incorporated them into my own sound.

Today, I aspire to create sounds that can easily be used by producers to sound more unique. I want people to be able to experience these unique, inspirational sounds of the past. Sure, a lot of software companies have developed digital emulations of these devices, but nothing beats the real thing. 😎

(If you're an artist and you'd like to work with me as your producer, please click here)