"MPC SCHOOL" Extended (An Advanced Guide to the Akai MPC Renaissance & Studio)

"MPC SCHOOL" Extended (An Advanced Guide to the Akai MPC Renaissance & Studio)

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"MPC SCHOOL" Extended is an advanced video series that covers technique-based tricks for producers that want to get more out of their MPC Renaissance & Studio. Designed in the same foolproof format as the "MPC SCHOOL" series, this 80-minute advanced series hits on topics such as 16 Levels, Time Stretching, Patched Phrase, and much more.


PART 1: Creating The Drums

  • Chopping Breaks with Region Chop [03:38]
  • Chopping Breaks with BPM Chop [01:51]
  • Layering Drums with Non-Destructive Chop (NDC) [10:52]
  • Layering Drums with Low-Pass Filtering [03:09]
  • Building Percussion with Patched Phrase [04:03]

PART 2: Creating A Sampled Poly Synth

  • Looping Samples [05:13]
  • Preparing a Keygroup from a Looped Sample [06:12]
  • Using Attack, Decay, Sustain, & Release (ADSR) [05:45]
  • Playing Scales & Chords [04:26]
  • Adding Effects [01:56]

PART 3: Fitting A String Sample

  • Chopping Tricky Samples with Manual Chop [05:43]
  • Time Stretching: What, When, & How [06:12]
  • Using 16 Levels to Add Character [02:47]
  • Tweaking with High-Pass Filtering [01:51]

PART 4: Finishing Up

  • Sequencing with Song Mode [06:27]
  • Tracking out Painlessly (with Ableton Live) [08:42]

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