How to Sample Drums For Your Beats

How to Sample Drums For Your Beats

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I hope everything is going well, I'm here to give you a quick boost of inspiration while I break down my Crate Digging YouTube tutorial!
Today, I'm going to share with you two incredible methods to find drum breaks that will give your music that unique edge you've been searching for.
It's time to dive into the world of drum break sampling!
Method 1: The Easy Route
We will be using the goldmine known as
This website is a treasure chest of compiled music from all corners of the internet.
It's the best way to discover a large collection of drum breaks that can be used in your tracks.
Here's how you can start:
1. Visit and click on "Explore" then "Explore All"

2. Scroll down to find a category called "DJ Battle Tool." It will be in the "Style" Tab.

3. Inside this category, you'll uncover thousands of records curated by DJs and producers, featuring breakbeats and drum breaks.

4. You can listen to these records right on the site and choose the ones that resonate with your style.

5. If you like what you hear, you can even purchase these records to support the artists.
This method is quick and straightforward, perfect for those looking to add something instant to their tracks.
Method 2: The Creative Approach
If you're craving a more personalized touch and want to explore deeper into the world of drum breaks, then this second method is for you:
1. Head back to and click on "Explore" once again.

2. This time, go to "List Explorer."

3. Here, you'll discover user-created playlists, like treasure maps of records.

4. To find drum breaks, search for keywords like "drum break."

5. Explore the playlists created by other users. These are packed with records that people have personally deemed as potential drum breaks.

6. You can listen to these playlists and discover hidden gems that fit with your style and creativity.
This method allows you to find a unique collection of drum breaks, giving your music an authentic touch that sets it apart from everyone else.
These 2 methods are great ways to learn about the world of drum break sampling.
The real fun begins once you find a drum break that sparks some inspiration.
You can take it into your DAW, like Ableton, and chop it up to create beats that are entirely your own.
For a deeper dive into the art of chopping drum breaks in Ableton, check out [this video] where I go over my techniques for making a fat drum break.
If you have any questions or if there's anything specific you'd like to explore in future videos, please drop a reply to this email.
Your feedback is always welcome, and I'm here to help you on your music journey.
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